Project Coral

Project Coral is an innovative coral reproductive research project led by the Horniman Aquarium with international partners to develop techniques to stimulate coral reproduction. This video was part sponsored by Ocean Ambassadors.

Ocean Depths - a talk by Dr John Copley

Join students from Atlantic College as Dr. John Copley (Britain’s foremost deep sea explorer) takes us on a fascinating tour of the Atlantic Ocean, 4000m below the surface.

Dr. Copley discusses the amazing array of biodiversity that can be observed at such depths, and the growing concern of preserving these extraordinary habitats from the threat of deep sea mining. He provides an insight on how much there is left to explore of our blue planet, and how we can all do our bit for ocean conservation.

With an introduction by Felix Appelbe, the Founder of Ocean Ambassadors.

ANtarctica and the southern ocean - A talk by Ffion Mitchell