Ocean Ambassadors brings together people who are passionate about the importance and continued well-being of our oceans – from the shoreline to the deep sea.

The work of Ocean Ambassadors is “most valuable and imaginative”
— Sir David Attenborough

Ocean health is near a tipping point.   We have perhaps 20 years to save the world’s oceans from irreversible decline.  The active response of this next generation is critical, right now, across the globe.

Ocean Ambassadors is a global movement, aligned to UWC, that seeks to engage hearts and minds on the importance and continued well-being of our oceans and the ecosystems and environments they encompass – from the shoreline to the deep sea.

We bring together curious people from a diverse array of specialisms (including scientists, architects, engineers, film makers and designers) who wouldn't normally have the opportunity to meet. By collaboratively sharing knowledge and expertise from a variety of industries we aim to educate, inspire as well as create unexpected breakthroughs.

We believe that everyone has a role and that humblest ideas are often best. Everyone is welcome to join our loose collective, to share ideas and be part of the bigger picture.

News and updates

Lecture theatre

Maldives expedition

In February 2019, four women embarked upon an unprecedented Stand Up Paddleboard expedition of the Maldives, exploring the effects of plastic pollution, ghost fishing gear and climate change.


We regularly organise educational events on all kinds of topics and issues relating to our oceans. Our events are open to all - for more information and to see what’s happening soon, check our events calendar!


There has never been a more crucial time to explore our remotest seas and to examine what the future will hold for our blue planet.
— Sir David Attenborough, Blue Planet 2
I believe in positive, collaborative change. The momentum in the movement tackling single use plastic is proof of this - individual voices coming together to demand change from the government, companies and businesses, and change is happening! But there is still a way to go.
— Dr Cal Major