Our Mission

What is our Aim?

  • A global movement, aligned to UWC, that seeks to engage hearts and minds on the importance and continued well-being of our oceans and the ecosystems and environments they encompass – from the shoreline to the deep sea.

What is the Need?

  • Ocean health is near a tipping point.   We have perhaps 20 years to save the world’s oceans from irreversible decline.  The active response of this next generation is critical, right now, across the globe.

What is the Ambition?

  • To stimulate awareness of the health of our marine environments.

  • To act as a movement / framework that leads to measurable cultural and behavioural change in our societies.

  • To inspire and support those who wish to change perceptions regarding the human impact on the marine environment, from governments and industry, to retail and leisure.

What’s the Unique Opportunity?

  • A Community of inspiring ocean experts: scientists, conservationists and storytellers, who are available to meet with the global student body of UWC. 

  • This activity will be aligned to the new IB diploma on Marine Science and will help shape its continued development. 

How will Advocates make a difference?

  • Through their student-led initiatives

  • By creating a growing community of ocean alumni, sharing ideas etc.

What will the Community provide?

  • Lectures and seminars from leading experts aligned to the syllabus of formal IB diploma.

  • Mentoring programme (for certain projects, where possible)

  • Opportunities for active engagement (e.g. Joining / interning on scientific projects, a platform for sharing ideas, platform for advocacy of social change A network of "Ocean Ambassadors"
    We bring together people who care deeply about the future of our oceans, for example scientists, those working in ocean conservation and those in related fields such as education. We give members the opportunity to meet, discuss and exchange new ideas. 


Sharing knowledge and research
We give a spotlight to new developments in all things related to ocean conservation, through this website and our lecture series.

Educating and inspiring

  • Establishing the new Marine International Baccalaureate

  • Presenting talks in schools and colleges to students keen to create develop their own ideas and careers in this sector

  • Inspiring the next generation to get into diverse careers in marine conservation.

The reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the ultimate and best solution to prevent further losses of coral reefs, but until this has been achieved, alternative solutions are urgently needed to help corals survive this century.

I urge passionate and bright young researchers to think outside the box and help find solutions to save coral reefs.
— Professor Madeleine Van Oppen, Senior Principal Research Scientist in the "A Healthy and Resilient GBR" Program