Project Coral is an innovative coral reproductive research project led by the Horniman Aquarium with international partners to develop techniques to stimulate coral reproduction.

Did you know that 60% of the world's coral reefs may die within the next 20 years?

Coral reefs are one the most biologically diverse habitats on earth, taking up less than 0.1% of the ocean floor they are home to 25% of all marine life.

An estimated 800 million people globally have some level of dependency on these valuable ecosystems too, so the damage happening to the reefs is affecting livelihoods, as well as countless species in our oceans.

In this video, Jamie Cragg explains all about his research and work for Project Coral

Why is this happening?

Overfishing, pollution, climate change with its ensuing ocean acidification, have pushed reefs to the brink of collapse. Consequently over 30% of the world’s reefs are considered seriously damaged and 60% may die within the next 20 years. The need for research into coral reproduction is therefore of paramount importance.

Mission of the Horniman Aquarium

We want to develop this world leading scientific research for real world ecological benefit. Ocean Ambassadors is part sponsoring the work of the Horniman Aquarium who are aiming to: 

  •  Save endangered corals

  •  Secure the world’s coral reefs

  •  Further sustainability of the trade

  •  Train conservationists

Project Coral depends on the support of our partners and dedicated individuals to carry out this vital work. With your help, we can expand our studies to develop a Northern latitude reef and Southern Latitudinal reef, allowing the study of a broader spectrum of environmental conditions that play a role in inducing coral reproduction.

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